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A curriculum that focuses on both educating about mental illness and decreasing the stigma surrounding it. It was designed and written by a school principle, a teacher and a school psychologist; all doctors. This curriculum provides educators a tried and tested product, including pre-packaged and structured lessons, designed to include everything needed to teach their students in the classroom and on their own schedule.

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 This program is designed to educate, empower, and motivate individuals to speak up and take action against bullying in a positive way. It is about developing an internal toughness so that individuals do not bully nor allow themselves to be bullied.

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What's Inside

MHAGC suicide prevention video


Engaging and thought-provoking videos that foster discussion and generate interest.


Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans and definition of terms designed for convenience and ease.


Classroom activities

Class Activities 

Fun and engaging activities that provide a practical hands-on learning experience.

Mental health presentations


Professionally developed presentations with evidence-based content designed for middle and high-school students.

Webinars for Teachers to Receive a Certificate on Teaching L2L

What a Teacher Can Do to Manage Mental Health Issues in the Classroom
Module 1

Teachers face many challenges in the classroom related to mental health issues. This webinar addresses what to look for and what you as a teacher can do to minimize disruption and help every student learn.

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Teaching with a Heart - Brain Based Learning
Module 2

Research shows that the keys of solid teaching are: differentiation of teaching methods according to student needs, incorporation of technology into everyday class time and the development of clear expectations.

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Subscription Options



Yearly/ Per Teacher

Full access to the Learning2Live curriculum. An effective educational program that seeks to increase mental health knowledge while decreasing the stigma.




Yearly/Per Teacher

Full access to the 2Tough2Bully curriculum. This program is designed to educate, empower, and motivate individuals to speak up and take action against bullying.


Teaching with a Heart


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